The strongest SPC wood in the world.

30 year guarantee
Advantages of Materia SPC vinyls

Maximum performance

Composition of the planks of our
SPC vinyl flooring

gráfico capas composición suelos vinílicos SPC
Protección rayos UV

UV protection layer. Provides extra durability and protects colors.

resistencia al desgasteresistencia a lod golpesresistencia a las manchas

Protective wear layer prevents excessive wear. Gives scratch resistance and provides superior protection against stains and bumps.

Acabado hiper-realista

High definition decorative layer. Realistic designs are printed in high resolution, creating a unique natural style.

ImpermeableResiste a plagasSin folmaldehidosImpermeableEstable al cambio de temperaturas

Stone composite core. Exclusive rigid core. 100% waterproof, prevents expansion and contraction.

Aislante acústico

EVA layer A It insulates acoustically, fixes the product on the surface and absorbs imperfections from the subfloor.

Montaje en un click

Click to install. Adhesive-free installation, directly on the ground.

i4F Click & Mount System 

The i4F SYSTEM is the simplest on the market and as easy to assemble as it is to “click”.

grafico montaje montaje en un click: insertar,  hacer click y listo.
Cómo colocar el suelo vinilico laminado con sistema click patentado de i4F
Cómo quitar el suelo vinilico con sistema click patentado de i4F

service excellence

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The quantity does not matter. From our logistics center we guarantee the delivery of your order in record time.

You will save space in your facilities by not needing to store product stock and peace of mind knowing that your order will be delivered in the set time. No delays.