The new Materia SPC ANA collection has special technical qualities that differentiate it from other collections.

New Wider Plank Format: 22,9×122

Materia SPC launches a new plate format, the previously used 18×120 grows to 22,9×122 with the new ANA collection.

The wider floorboards in the Materia SPC ANA collection can create a larger feeling in the space. This is because the sight lines created by the joints between the boards are less frequent, which can make a room appear larger and more open.

Additionally, wider floorboards are often associated with a more contemporary and luxurious look. Its large size can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to interior design.

Wider Materia SPC ANA floorboards can give a feeling of solidity and stability to the floor. This can be especially noticeable when walking on them, as they can feel more solid underfoot.

It has an Ultra Matte finish

The new Materia SPC ANA collection is the first collection with Unilin click unlike the previous ones which are I4F.

Both the Unilin Click System and the I4F System are patented locking systems used in the installation of SPC flooring. Although both systems perform a similar function, there are some beneficial differences for Materia SPC ANA in its design and operation.

  1. Locking mechanism design:
    • Unilin Click System: Uses a tongue and groove locking mechanism. The boards are joined by tilting them and then pressing them down to lock them into place.
    • I4F System: Employs an angle locking mechanism. The boards are placed at a 4 degree angle to each other and then pressed down to lock.
  2. Installation angle:
    • Unilin Click System: Requires a tilt angle of approximately 45 degrees to connect the boards
    • Sistema I4F: It uses an angle of inclination of 4 degrees.

1.5mm IXPE acoustic insulation, instead of 1mm EVA

Acoustic insulation is an essential part of SPC flooring for environments where you want to reduce impact noise and improve the acoustic quality of the space. Materia SPC ANA’s choice between insulation materials such as 1.5mm IXPE (cross-linked polyethylene) and 1mm EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) can influence acoustic performance and floor characteristics.

  1. Material:
    • IXPE (cross-linked polyethylene): It is a type of polyethylene foam with a closed-cell structure that provides good sound dampening and moisture resistance properties. Cross-linked polyethylene is known for its durability and ability to maintain its properties over time.
    • EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate): This is another type of synthetic foam that also offers sound dampening properties and is commonly used in acoustic insulation for floors. EVA is known for its softness and flexibility, which can make it more comfortable underfoot.
  2. Thickness:
    • 1.5mm IXPE: It is 1.5mm thick, which can provide greater sound deadening compared to thinner materials.
    • 1mm EVA: It is 1mm thick, which means it is slightly thinner than 1.5mm IXPE. While it may still provide some sound insulation, it is less likely to offer the same level of noise reduction as thicker IXPE.
  3. Acoustic properties:
    • 1.5mm IXPE: ANA Materia SPC due to its higher thickness and closed cell structure, 1.5mm IXPE can provide better impact noise reduction and higher acoustic attenuation compared to 1mm EVA .
    • 1mm EVA: While still providing some sound dampening, 1mm EVA may be less effective at reducing impact noise and improving acoustic quality compared to thicker materials such as IXPE.