8 Reasons That Make Materia SPC Flooring Unique

Materia SPC unique flooring quick installation

Materia SPC unique flooring for quick and easy installation. Since the material is easily cut to size. It easily adapts to unconventional room shapes. There is no need to cut the material to fit the most difficult corners.

Types of Materia SPC Installation

Materia SPC unique flooring
Materia SPC unique flooring

100% Waterproof.

Materia SPC unique flooring completely waterproof Without the swelling or distortion associated with wood or laminate floors. With its antibacterial properties, it is ideal for kitchens, bathrooms and playrooms, where spills can be easily cleaned.

Materia SPC unique flooring of great value.

Materia SPC costs a fraction of what natural materials cost and is easier to transport as it is much lighter. Additionally, it is less prone to damage that requires laborious repairs, so long-term maintenance costs are minimal. Assembly is also much faster and more cost-effective.

30-year warranty.

All of our SPCs are protected by a warranty of at least 30 years for residential installations and 15 years for commercial installations. We have enormous faith in our product, allowing you to plan for the future.

Materia SPC unique flooring
Materia SPC unique flooring

Environmentally friendly.

We develop products using ethical and environmentally friendly manufacturing techniques. SPC material unique flooring made with safer and more resistant raw materials and is fully recyclable.

Easy maintenance.

The Materia SPC ranges are hygienic and easy to clean and maintain. They have antibacterial properties due to the limestone they contain. Materia SPS flooring is unique and ideal for hospitals, clinics, dentists, offices, daycares, rental properties and pet care centers. Unlike other types of soil, they do not retain dust, first or pollen. To care for your floors, simply brush, vacuum or damp mop the area.

Inspiring designs.

Materia SPC unique flooring with a beautiful assortment of unique wood and stone finishes available in a natural and modern color palette. The high-resolution images present a realistic image combined with a textured surface for the maximum feeling of realism.


The Materia SPC collections are warm and silent and fully compatible with underfloor heating. Natural wood and stone can be noisy and hard on your feet (and paws).

It is available in a wide variety of styles and looks. That’s right, it can imitate any and all types of wood, including different species like pine or teak, as well as most wood flooring designs. If you’re not looking for a wood look, you’ll be happy to know that Materia SPC collections also include various types of tile and stone flooring.

It is also very stable. Materia SPC products do not react to changes in temperature and humidity like other types of flooring do. If you live in a high humidity environment, such as Spain, the product offers the look of the best hardwood floors, but on a more stable platform that will not wilt.

MATERIA SPC is a company dedicated to the design and distribution of innovative floors and walls, contact us direct sales in Spain. We are based in Onda, Castellón, which is at the heart of the ceramic tile industry in Spain. Our warehouses have more than 600,000 m2 of stock for the immediate delivery of all your orders. What MATERIA SPC represents is not just a brand. We hope to provide everyone with endless life inspirations and encourage them to personally build the home of their dreams. MATERIA SPC, the ideal choice for a perfect life.